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Making a purchase could not be easier!

We believe in personal service - that's why you won't find a shopping trolley on our site. After looking at our hollies, and deciding which you like, e-mail or fill out the contact form below with your requirements and send to us at info@welsh-holly.co.uk. We will then contact you to discuss exactly which plant would suit you.

We have many requests for advice on how to grow hollies - if you have a question, please contact us.

Prices from -


- up to 18" tall - from £5.50


- up to 3’ tall - from £11.50


- up to 4' tall - from £17.50

Common hedge holly

- up to 1'- from £2.50


- up to 3'- from £3.50


- up to 4'- from £7.50 SOLD OUT

NB: The above Common Holly is a mixture of both male & female. If you would like a guaranteed female, selected from a regularly berrying stock, please ask for details on price.

Discounts for larger orders - price on application.

We need you to e-mail us or fill out our contact form first because many of our plants are specialist and we may have sold out. We will also need to let you know what the postage and packing will be - this will depend on the size of pot and plant.

Eg: Package and postage will depend on what you order - very often it no more costly to send five 1 litre pots than one on it's own!

We will confirm the cost of your order, including delivery charges. Payment can be by Bank Transfer or cheque (made payable to “Welsh-Holly”).

Please fill out this quick contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

14/10/15 We've sorted the problem with the form - please use this for enquiries but if you have any problems, send us an email instead.

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