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The majority of hollies are either male, or female so, for berries, you will probably need both, unless there is a male in the area. However some hollies, such as J C Van Tol, are self fertile.

The following descriptions are only a selection of the hollies we grow in the nursery. If you are looking for something in particular, please contact us and we will see what we can do.


These were formed by crossing Ilex aquifolium with Ilex Perado, and will form smaller trees or shrubs

Belgica Aurea (Silver Sentinel) Belgica Aurea (Silver Sentinel) - Orange-red fruits, variegated leaves with a dark green centre shading to grey-green, with pale yellow margins. From Holland c1908
Golden King Golden King - very popular female with deep reddish orange fruits. The variegated leaves have glossy dark green centres and broad yellow/yellowish white margins. Discovered in Scotland in 1894
Lawsoniana Holly Tree Lawsoniana - female variegated sport of Hendersonii, leaves light green/yellow in the centre with dark olive green margins. Found in the 1800’s in Scotland


Native holly - which comes in female, and male forms. Good for security around boundaries. The traditional Christmas holly with bright red berries. As it grows older, the lower leaves lose their prickles.
alaska aquifolium holly

Alaska - berries frelly, fruits are vivid red, with dark olive green leaves, narrow growth habit. Makes a lovely standard holly!

Argentea Marginata - female, always a popular silver variegated cultivar, with irregular yellowish white margins c1770
Aurifodina - (synonym Muricata), scarlet fruits, leaves with dark olive green centre or yellowish green, margins irregular yellowish green, stems reddish green.
elegantissima silver holly tree and plant Elegantissima - male, old cultivar from England pre 1863, dark green leaves with mottled centres and yellowish white margins. One of our favourites!
bacciflava berries Bacciflava - a yellow berried holly, first mentioned in 1775 although some sources refer to 1657. Dark green olive leaves. The berries often remain until well into the spring
ferox holly hedge Ferox (Hedgehog holly) - sterile male, first recorded in 1635, recurved margins with 5-7 spines and purplish stems. Slow growing.

Ferox Argentea (Silver Hedgehog) - sterile male first recorded in England in c1662, variegated with cream margins and spines over most of the leaves. It’s maximum height of 6m makes it ideal for the smaller garden.

golden hedgehog security hedge Ferox Aurea (Golden Hedgehog) - sterile male, leaves dark olive green with conspicuous yellow green blotches in the centre.
Flavescens Moonlight Holly Plant Flavescens - an interesting female holly whose new growth produces yellow leaves which change to green later in the year
Golden Milkboy male holly tree and plants Golden Milkboy - variegated male leaves with splashes of light yellow/gold and narrow dark green margins.
Handsworth New Silver holly trees and plants Handsworth New Silver, popular female with bright red berries, variegated with distinct yellowish white margins, young foliage is pink, with purplish stems. Grows up to some 8m.
Harpune holly trees and plants

Harpune - female, discovered in 1978, narrow lanceolate leaves that resemble a harpoon.

J C Van Tol - regular fruiter which is self fertile. Introduced in 1904, leaves oval to elliptical, pyramidal habit, grows up to 6m. This self fertile holly makes an ideal standard tree.
Madame Briot - vivid scarlet fruits, fruits readily, large variegated leaves which have dark green centres and irregular brilliant yellow margins. Grows up to 10m.
Myrtifolia - male, first referenced in England in 1830, ovate-lanceolate leaves, 6-8 spines pointing forward.
Pyramidalis - fruits readily, in small clusters, recommended for cut holly. Self fertile, from Holland in c1885. It makes an excellent standard tree

Silver Milkboy - female, variegated leaves with pale yellow centre blotches and dark olive green margins, seldom fruits.

Silver Milkmaid - female, with large red berries and variegated leaves with irregular pale yellow centre blotches and spines on each side. From England about 1820.
Silver Queen - male, variegated with broad and irregular white-yellowish margins and dark olive green centres. Grows to 4-6 metres high. New leaves are light pink in colour.
Silver Van Tol - large quantities of reddish-orange fruits, variegated leaves which have pale creamy white margins.


Aquipernyi Dragon Lady - female, leaves ovate-rectangular, vivid red fruits.

Meserveae Blue Angel - ever-popular female with vivid red fruits and dark olive green leaves.
Meserveae Blue Prince - male with dark olive green leaves, upright compact habit. Regarded by the experts as a good pollinator.
Meserveae Blue Princess - abundant vivid red fruits, leaves 2-3 cm long, 1.5-2 cm wide.
Golden Girl - attractive, creamy yellow berries with soft leaves.


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