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1. Blue Angel

(a) Blue Angel - new growth

(b) Blue Angel - showing blue-green winter foliage with bright red berries

Meserveae Blue Angel - ever popular female with vivid red fruits and dark olive green leaves which become darker and more bluey-purple-green in the winter. This is a good plant for containers. Not as prickly as it looks!

2. Blue Prince

(a) Blue Prince in flower

(b) Blue Prince foliage

Meserveae Blue Prince - male with dark olive green leaves, upright compact habit. Regarded by the experts as a good pollinator.

3. Blue Princess

Meserveae Blue Princess - abundant vivid red fruits, leaves 2-3 cm long, 1.5-2 cm wide. Fine, non-prickly leaves with small, vivid red berries.



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